Full Service Bookkeeping


     Bookkeeping makes it possible for small businesses to record all of its transactions and events: inventory, losses, earnings, sales, purchases, payments and receipts. The main reason for this is to obtain and store financial reports – money that gets in and out of the business. Bookkeeping is very important to keep the financial report entry of the business.

Profitability and Growth – An effective bookkeeping allows you to see whether your business is making a profit or not. Most small businesses fail to keep track of this even if they know that it the best way to keep their business moving.

Accurate Bookkeeping is vital for all forms and sizes of businesses. A business can boom and become successful when bookkeeping is done right.  Structured Bookkeeping does just this with busy businesses in London, Kitchener & surrounding areas.

We Will Take Care of the Following for Your Business


Receipt Entry into Quickbooks

Invoice Entry into Quickbooks

Financial Reports

Catch Up Service

Invoicing Customers

Payroll for employees

Source Deductions



& More


Below are some of the importances of bookkeeping for small businesses:

Having a Better Cash Flow – Proper bookkeeping will make it easy to plan things ahead and have a better cash flow. By recording business events and transactions, you will be able to pay everything in time and meet deadlines. For a small business to grow, it must have an effective cash flow management.
Ease of Paying Taxes – Bookkeeping makes it easy for small business owners to know how to pay your annual taxes. You will know everything about the financial report and cash flow in your business thereby making it easy to calculate your annual taxes as you will not have to search for bills and rush yourself.

Questions? Let's Meet.

We know you're busy so we can meet over a quick coffee, at your office or even a job site!

"Shoebox" Method

You'll receive a file box and your only job is to pack it with receipts and invoices as they come in during the month... We'll do the rest!

We Do Pick Ups

Are goal is to keep you focused on your business, that's why to make your life easier we offer monthly pick up for bookkeeping clients located within the London & Kitchener Ontario areas.

Upfront Pricing

Our pricing starts with a base bookkeeping package and as your business grows additional options are available. All packages include monthly financial reports.

Monthly Reports

Once you take to most important step and hire us as your bookkeeper we'll provide monthly financial reports that will be essential in strong business health.